Dakota -16763D


Wow! The large hidden pantry and utility room will surprise you. The four-piece master bath with the separate soaker tub and shower will amaze you. Come and see what today’s single wides have to offer. The Dakota series was designed to take on the tough Montana and Dakota winters.

When the northern winds are howling and the mean temperatures have dropped to dangerous levels, the men and women who work in the oil fields of the great state of North Dakota needed a help. It is no surprise that of the fifty states in the United States North Dakota holds three of the top four coldest places with only Fairbanks Alaska holding on to the top spot, barley. When these people who flocked to places like Williston needed to be sheltered and housed, the experts of Fleetwood took their top-rated manufactured home knowledge and built a little giant. This then, is the Dakota single wide. This is not your grandmother’s trailer.

The Dakota is unpretentious as it serves a higher purpose, to protect families from the forces of nature. It is built tough and sturdy and offers insulation at up to R50 on ceilings with walls and floors also packed to protect. Wind forces of up to 120 mile an hour do not disturb this 1140 square foot three bedroom and two bathroom fighter ready to be moved to any remote location. To peek within one can observe the comforts you would expect from a home much larger. Inviting soaker tubs, walk in hidden pantries, hard wood cabinetry and closet space designed to store within and not without. The Dakota offers up a variety of choice options designed to allow the family within to forget what mother nature is bringing without.

The next time you need a place you can afford, whether it is a sole residence or just a great get away home in your favorite fishing place, the Dakota is the choice of the north.


Square Feet:1,140