Meet Our Team

Fred Keller

Fred can be reached at 406.259.6086 or at

Kyle Campbell
Montana Modular

Kyle Campbell started at Pierce as the Blackwood Estates manager in Williston, ND over two years ago. He is now the current Sales Manager for Pierce Homes, Montana Modular, and Blackwood Estates. Before Kyle came to work at Pierce Homes, he worked for Spring Capital Group. Kyle has years of experience in sales and management.

Kyle can be reached at 406.471.4049

Tim Perez

My name is Tim Perez, I was born and raised in Billings MT, I have been blessed with 2 children. My oldest is a bighearted boy named Malakye and my youngest is a little firecracker named Ambria, last but not least is my wonderful partner in crime Kelsey and our dog Zelda. We all love the outdoors and just being together.

Tim can be reached at 406-860-860-9987 or at

Scott Rimer

Scott was born in Thermopolis, Wyoming. He attended Senior High School and went on to serve in the active US army as a military police and protective service officer from 1982-1997 with many deployments worldwide and one combat tour in the 1st Gulf War. After service, Scott met and married Michaela, who was a German citizen, but has since become an American Citizen in 2017. He remained in Europe until 2009 coaching football in the GFL as a head coach and owner in Europe's largest American football league. In mid 2009 he and his family which includes his daughter Kimberly returned home to Billings. Upon return, he completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in liberal studies at MSU-B with history and social geography as primary fields.

Scott enjoys fishing, travel and camping and can often be found in his free time somewhere near a mountain stream or lake. He has more than seven years’ experience working in sales and simply enjoys helping others. Scott retains an ability to speak German, just in case.

Scott can be reached at 406-702-9456 or at